Istisu is located at the south-west of Kalbajar, at the top of mountains. Another dwelling place of which history is unknown have been found in the opposite side of the resort , on the chest of mountains, at he lower part of the way lying in the direction of tables. The walls of the castle built for one or two men were constructed of slab stones, without grout and land. The roof of the “house”, of which every side was built of slab rocks, was covered with slab stones, as well.

The late academician Mirali Gashgai, the expert of Azerbaijani nature, considered these places by this way: “Istisu mineral water spring is the most beautiful present of nature. This water is similar to well-known Karlovi -Vari springs (these springs are in Czechoslovakia) for its chemical composition and physical characteristics and is sole in the world for its several characteristics. Its heat is 58,8°C. One of these springs gush till 8 meters. It is located at a height of 2225 meters above the sea level…”
From the citation, taken from the letter signed by Gadirli, chairman of Republican People's Commissariat of Health, and sent to the Committee of Plans of USSR, it is obvious that the sanatoria Istisu was drawn to the focus of attention because of its international importance.
Mr. Gadirli saying 500 000 liter healing water was flowing in vain during 24 hours, also mentioned that these Narzan springs were unique in the world and were of the same composition with Karlovi-Vari hot water and may be Istisu was more qualitative than Karlovi-Vari.
The situation of Goturlu Narzan at the river-bank of Tutgu River, on the left bank of Tartar River, at a considerable height was also reflected in this letter.
In the letter it was mentioned that E.E. Karstenski, the well-known chemist, scientist of those times, assessed the healing importance of Istisu highly (even higher than Karlovi-Vari) after examining the mineral waters in the territory of Kalbajar and said that the mentioned healing place was the source which will bring fame not only to this territory, Azerbaijan, USSR, but also to the world.
After the examination of the composition and quality of the water at the medical institutes of Pyatigorsk , it turned out that this water hand no analog in the country (it means USSR), and may be in the world. Karstenski also said that the natural reserve, which came out to surface, would earn prestige to this region in the future (these times are considered).
According to specifications the degree of the water coming out from the deepest layers of the surface is 58°C as shown above, and the composition of 1 liter water of which minerals total number are nearly 6,7 gr. show that it is rich with chemical substances as lithium, bromine, iodine, arsenic, phosphor, sink, med, nickel, magnesium, iron and etc.
Istisu locates at the way of 300 versts, on a mountainous place. It is on the slope of a range of mountains. It is 112 versts motor way from railway station to Istisu, and it takes 15 hours to overcome this distance.
One can come to Istisu by Yevlakh-Barda railway by passing through Tartar-Aghdara, this way was laid later by hands and it is of 200 km. Between Kalbajar-Istisu it is 25 km. by the motor way stretching along the Tartar River.
Establishment of therapeutic and recreation zone was in the center of attention of Azerbaijan Government after the creation of the Soviet Government, to be more precisely from 1925. In 1926, the Republican Supreme Economic Soviet passed decision on conducting recreational and therapeutic constructions in the sources of Istisu. This issue was in the focus of attention of M.J. Baghirov, the first secretary of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party. In 1928, the issue on the construction of Istisu sanatoria, lying of roads was raised in the Soviet Congress, M.J. Baghirov gave attention to Istisu in his speech. The construction of the sanatoria was entered to first five years plan.
At the end of the 30th years M.J. Baghirov game to Istisu and interest in construction works.
Beginning of Great Patriotic War in 1941 showed its effects on the movement of constructions in Istisu and almost stopped the work. From 1945 attentions on the construction of the sanatoria increased again.
During the 50th years of the 20th century, I. Mustafayev, well-known selectionist, scientist, public worker, the first secretary of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party, gave special attention to Kalbajar for the purpose of bringing to nought the idea formed by the fraud and crafty policy of Armenians regarding evicting the peoples of Kalbajar and to use this place only as a summer house in the mountain.
During 1987-89 the completion of the construction of dwelling house of 3000 sq.m, schools with seats for 192 pupils, kindergartens with places for 140 children, ambulatory of 70 places (together with policlinics), winter cinema with 400 seats, library having book fund of 25000 copies, a shop of 250 sq.m, water supplier supplying water in 900 cbm during 24 hours, was instructed to executing organizations.

Each year there flow out 3 billion 963 million 316 thousand liters of water from Istisu springs, but water-filling workshops were able to use only 22 million liters. The rest 3 billion 941 million 316,000 liters of water flew away in vain. If all this water is gathered together and sold it would be possible to make profit in the amount of 630 million 610 thousand 560 manat for one year. In 1968 discussing the utilization of Istisu springs State Plan Committee of Azerbaijani SSR undertook to build plant producing 10 million bottles of Istisu water each year.
While classifying Kalbajar as economic region it is necessary to pay a great attention to the achievements in the sphere of animal husbandry and tobacco cultivation. In recent years Kalbajari people had great achievements in both these spheres and Kalbajar became one of the advanced economic and cultural regions of the Republic.