History and local lore  study museum of Kalbajar
Since 70-ies Azerbaijan sustained not only the economic-social hey-day. Culture, morals, inspiration for returning to background, wish to guard the valuable pearls of the nation’s past and to deliver it to future generations, efforts in revival of national cultural wealth assumed new forms. The coming of Heydar Aliyev to power stimulated the regress of process in forgetting the past, on efforts to liquidate the national morality values under mask of false internationalism taken by republic leaders deprived of spirit of nationality.
Culture, art of Azerbaijan before known only for its oil in person of Baku took worthy position in the Soviet Union. The feelings for the saving of the history and its respect grew significantly. Establishment of new museum of history and local lore study was one of wordings of the process.
In fact, Klabajar was granted the present of God itself: rare resources were located here. A lot of springs, plants of more than 4 thousand kinds, herbs of 200 kinds considered the means of ancient medicos, wide areas of forests, Narzan waters, unique Istisu, mineral and layer treasures, uncommon writings on the rocks and other made Kalbajar a great museum.
Also here carpets, kilim, jejim, darma (latter three are kinds of carpet) being the hand-work of housewives, at the same time meant material-cultural wealth of us. If the carpets would be delivered to the international market, they would profit for millions. And it may be said with courage that the Kalbajar carpets left the famous Tabriz carpets behind.
The exhibits were collected in the museum in great number and for free. More than 2000 variously colored stones were used for exterior.
The population of the region actively participated in the collection of exhibits. In a short period of time 47 thousand unique units were delivered.
This museum of Kalbajar became famous in the whole world. Scientists who came from different countries didn’t hide their surprise and amazed at the units when visited the museum. For instance, for the bas-relief describing making of sacrifice of horse to Sun God 50 thousand USD was suggested by American scientists.
The Kalbajar museum was enriched by exhibits proving its being the most ancient dwelling. At holding of 27th congress of world geologists in Moscow in the end of 80-ies 162 scientists from 67 states came to Kalbajar in order to go to the museum being on everybody’s lips. Correspondent member of USSR Academy of Sciences A.A.Marakushov wrote in memory-book: “….This is a rare and indispensable museum of the world devoted to ethnography