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Agdaban Tragedy

On July 11, 1989 women of Agdaban caught 11 Armenian scouts, and brought to the centre of the region. Thought the region prosecutor office instituted legal proceedings, the order on transmission of the case to military commandant of UGAA was given. On July 14 2 helicopters with Russian convoy flied to Kalbajar as if to take the scouts to Khankandi, for investigation. But the helicopters landed not on area specially provided for it, but on the city stadium. After taking the scouts and take-off the wings of one of the helicopters as though touched the electric lines, and the helicopter lost orientation, and fell in the corner of the stadium. The wings of the helicopter killed children playing here, and who gathered to look at the helicopter. That day Kalbajar drown in blood of 8 pupils. Who were they: did they shoot the Armenians? Or put eyes on the other’s land? What was the cause of the tragedy? they just were children of Turkis…

First tragedy of Aghdaban – April 8, 1992

On the night from April 8 to 9 a more terrible tragedy made divert from February incident. Armenians attacked at night, and made Agdaban, Land of Dada Shamshir, second Khojali. The population not aware of the attack, without cover or even warm clothes, run to the snowy forests and mountains. A small group defending the village was murdered by Armenians, the population was unprotected. During this tragedy 32 civilians – elder people, women, children died, two people were burn alive in the house, 7 people were taken as hostage. The village was practically burnt. 6 soldiers from local battalion which came to render aid early in the morning also were killed.

Aghdaban tragedy was a signal of great war initiated by armenians against Kalbajar. The occupation of the village by Armenians would have cause enormous tragedies, easy the occupation of other villages, and then complete liquidation of 52 thousand men.

The Aghdaban tragedy, at last, shook the government of the republic. Official Baku realized if the reliable defense would no be provided, Kalbajar would be occupied by Armenians, what means the joining of Armenia with Upper Garabagh.

By killing of two juvenile Ali and Bakhtiyar who came as guest to highlands of our Garabagh on February 13, 1988 by Armenian dashnaks commenced a new period of victims. As the enemy tightened the ring, the number of victims raised. People with Turki origin from Upper Garabagh became refugees and IDP-s.

After tragedy on the sport stadium on July 14, 1989 in Kalbajar city (where 8 children were killed due to the falling of the helicopter and scattering of its wings) such painful events occurred more often.

 Civilians of separate villages got to lead, underage Hidayat Jafarov was kidnapped at Dikyur pasture together with 500 cows and brought to Basarkechar (Vardenis).

 Aghdaban was destroyed not once by Armenian bandits and joint Armenian- Russian mercenaries. Thus, april 8, 1992 and March 26, 1993 were written as dates of Aghdaban occupation. Just the first victims of Kalbajar were from this village.

Armenians indented to gin Kalbajar not only as a strategic point, but as the land of cultural wealth. Already on July 11, 1990 the bus moving in the direction Tartar- Kalbajar was stopped on the area of Otaggaya of Aghdara, civilians including daughter of Dada Shamshir – Ms. Chimnaz, and Shahlar Shukurov (National Hero of Azerbaijan), Aslan Khidirov, other people wishing to rest in the Istisu resort were killed.

Unfortunately, the Aghdaban tragedy wasn’t realized and didn’t gain official and legal appraisal. It wasn’t reflected in international community, as Khojali tragedy. Silence for such tragedies enhanced the appetite of Armenians for our lands.

The list of 32 people died in the Aghdaban village was as follows:

  1. Almasov Taghi Sultan

  2. Almasov Shahid Taghi

  3. Karimova Gamar Imran

  4. Aliyev Jamal Hagverdi

  5. Aliyeva Ulviyya Jamal

  6. Mammadov Musa Gara

  7. Gojayev Gara Gurban

  8. Gurbanov Gulu Shabar

  9. Gojayeva Zeynab Mahammad

  10. Goyajev Bakir Gurban

  11. Mammadova Hayat Yolchu

  12. Gabilov Sadraddin Gadir

  13. Mammadov Mahammad Mamoy

  14. Baghirov Abdul Mahammad

  15. Mammadov Ziyaddin Algama

  16. Hasanov Natig Bahman

  17. Bayramov Chingiz Khanlar

  18. Karimov Abulfat Sovet

  19. Baghirov Vidadi Yusif

  20. Suleymanov Azad Jamil

  21. Abbasov Isgandar Asif

  22. Aliyev Misir Panah

  23. Ibrahimov Hamid Ismayil

  24. Humbatova Fatma Garaja

  25. Gasimov Riayyat Bahadur

  26. Mammadov Isbandiyar Latif

  27.  Humbatov Gorkhmaz Mustafa

  28. Mirzayev Mahmud Ali

  29. Mirzayev Nusrat Mahmud

  30. Mammadov Tural Gara

  31. Taghiyev Rafig Bahman

  32. Husyenov Hidayat Saleh


Second tragedy of Aghdaban – March 26, 1993


Thus, population which underwent attack both in directions of Aghdara and Basarkechan region of Armenia, absent of protection and became panic-stricken due to slander and provocations was compelled to run from the land of ancestry over the Murovdagh pass at the height of 3400 meters above sea level, leaving all the property. Because of political games, internal contradictions, dishonest and traitor militaries 52 thousand people in a short period of time were displaced from native lands. The most beautiful and wealthy by natural resources part of Azerbaijan was left alone and the enemy overthrew.

 The second occupation of Aghdaban entailed occupation of Kalbajar in whole. After the event Kalbajar was encircled, and on March 31 – April 2 was completely occupied by Armenian Armed forces.

In the result of occupation 220 men died, 321 were lost, or taken as hostage. The most losses were imposed upon Bashlibel village at 64 km from Kalbajar city: 28 men were killed by Armenians at night, 18 taken as hostage or captive (after 4 months of surrounding 17 men with great problems succeeded to come to Ganja).

128 settlements, including Istisu resort, more than 500 industrial, collective and state farms, social service objects, 13 thousand houses, 324 social-cultural objects were destroyed by the enemies. 100 thousand units of cattle, 500 thousand units of small cattle, 5 thousand horses, one million of birds, 50 thousand bee families, 130 cars, 195 thousand carpets, 320 thousand of pillows and blankets, 59 thousand units of furniture, 26 thousand of TV sets, refrigerators and etc belonging to the region population was pillaged and taken to Armenia.

In general, by prices for 1993 related with the occupation of Kalbajar the government and people was imposed damage for amount of 761 million USD.

Occupation of Kalbajar was a present for Armenians. Before, when Kalbajar wasn’t occupied by Armenians, the fate of Upper Garabagh was under question. Because Kalbajar preventing attacks and aggression for few centuries didn’t permit joining of Upper Garabagh with Armenia, realization of aggressive plans of Armenians and establishment of “Great Armenia” on the account of Azerbaijan lands. Secondly, occupation of Kalbajar favored passing of military advantage to Armenians and promoted capture of Aghdam, Zangilan, Gubadli, Jabrayil, Fuzuli.

The ancient history is a witness of many betrayals, events. The situation in 1988-1993 never existed, may be. Now the flag of independent Republic of Azerbaijan streams together with the flags of the other civil states. The sportsmen of Azerbaijan gain first places, making honor for our state, Azerbaijan is a equal right member of Council of Europe…..

Thus, Kalbajar was destroyed, on April 2, 1993 707 settlements of 56 regions became temporary dwelling for Kalbajar inhabitants.

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